700 Canadians Revealed Their Go-To Costco Purchases & You Should Update Your Shopping List

Fans of Costco croissants will NOT be surprised by this one.

Most Popular Costco Items Include Croissants, Chicken & Coffee
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When it comes to the most popular Costco items in Canada, these are the go-to products that you should probably add to your shopping list the next time you head to the store.

Almost 700 people responded to a survey put out by Costco Finds Canada on Instagram on behalf of Narcity about what products they buy the most when they go shopping at the wholesale retailer.

Here are 13 products Canadian shoppers swear by — do your favourites make the cut?


Lots of people listed salad as something they buy all the time from Costco and the go-to item was the Creamy Dill Pickle salad from Taylor Farms.


Costco chicken is a super popular choice for shoppers, especially the rotisserie chicken that's sold there. Meat in general is also a big hit, and people said they buy all different types like raw, frozen or pre-cooked.

Toilet Paper

If you remember the great toilet paper frenzy of 2020, you know that Costco toilet paper flew off shelves back then. It's still so popular, with shoppers responding that they buy it often along with paper towels, tissues and napkins.


So many people said coffee is always on their Costco shopping list, and specifically McDonald's, Tim Hortons and Starbucks coffee. Eighty k-cups should last, what, two days?


Water is also a must-buy for Canadians at Costco. That includes regular bottled water and carbonated water like Bubly.


Not only is milk one of the most popular products, but non-dairy options like Milkadamia are also a go-to purchase for lots of shoppers.


Bakery items were also something that people said they buy all the time with Costco croissants being the most popular choice among respondents. If you've ever had a Costco croissant, you'll understand why.


It's not all food. People get clothing from Costco as well, and not only for themselves but for their kids as well.

Cleaning Products

When the house gets dirty, people apparently go to Costco and get cleaning supplies. Respondents to the question said they frequently get Tide detergent, Downey Unstoppables, wipes and more.


Eggs are one of the most common items that people said they get, and organic ones specifically are very popular with the Costco crowd.


Costco fans named Balderson's cheddar cheese as a go-to item on their shopping list along with other cheese like parmesan.

Fruits & Veggies

Far and away the most popular answer in the poll, fresh produce like bananas, oranges and kale are also regularly bought by Canadian shoppers.


Whether it be regular or gluten-free, bagels or buns, Costco shoppers in Canada sure love their bread.

Lisa Belmonte
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