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The Motorola Razr Is Coming Back To Canada & It's Got Some Secret Nostalgic Features

Flip-phones are coming back for 2020!
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Motorola Razr's New Flip-Phone Is Coming To Canada For 2020

If you were thinking of treating yourself to a brand-new iPhone this Christmas, forget it! There’s something even better coming to Canada, and it’s prepared to drop in 2020. Think Motorola, think early 2000’s flip-phone, but also think smartphone. Motorola’s brand-new Razr flip-phone is a perfect mix of modern technology and early 2000’s nostalgia, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

If you ever had the classic Motorola Razr back in the day, you’ll know that it was a pretty bad-ass phone at the time, and the flip-phone feature had us all feeling like Hollywood’s finest.

Eager to relive the glory days, Motorola has now announced that they’re bringing the classic Razr flip-phone back, but it’s getting a serious upgrade!

Described as “a truly foldable screen smartphone,” this device is a weird mix of past-meets-future, and it’s actually kinda cool. If you’ve ever wanted a huge screen but have struggled to fit a large phone in your pockets, then this is the answer to all of your prayers.

Despite being state-of-the-art when it comes to new flip-phone technology, the new Motorola Razr has some pretty incredible retro features too, and they'll have you feeling all nostalgic ... 

The new 2019 Razr is almost entirely touchscreen, and although it’s based on a 2004 phone, it’s about as new-age as they come. When open, it’s got a huge 6.2” screen with 21:9 display that’s perfect for gaming apps and streaming services. It then folds up to a pocket-sized cell phone when not being used.

That said, Motorola hasn't ignored the nostalgia-value with this phone, and added in an awesome retro feature to get you feeling all 2000's again.

The 2019 phone actually has a “retro mode,” which has been made as authentic as possible. The only way to navigate it is by using the (software) buttons on the iconic old keypad, meaning the touch-screen is basically a no-go. 

Arguably the best thing about flip-phones was the ability to hang up a call with a quick snap, which no smartphone has successfully been able to do since. However, the 2019 Motorola Razr is bringing the snap right back, allowing users to end a call with ultimate sass once again.

Before you start running to the bank to withdraw all your money, there’s actually some bad news. While the retro Motorola Razr would retail for $600, this new-age version comes with a pretty hefty price tag.

In fact, it’s priced for the premium market, costing US$1,500 (CA$1,988). With a price tag of almost $2,000, it’s worth asking how much you’ll actually pay for the nostalgia factor?

The Razr will be available in the U.S. first as a Verizon exclusive, with pre-orders starting on December 26.

Motorola says the Razr will be available in Canada starting in early 2020 but hasn’t yet provided any other details.

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