This 3 KM Hike Leads To A Hidden Swing On Top Of A Mountain In BC

Worth the trip to the Island.
This 3 KM Hike Leads To A Hidden Swing On Top Of A Mountain In BC

There's a hidden gem on Vancouver Island that's basically heaven for hikers. Old Baldy Mountain offers a panoramic view of a lake surrounded by lush forested mountain and it's the ultimate BC snapshot. Even just looking at the photos I can imagine breathing in the fresh, clean air at the top of this hike!

Plus, there's an adorable swing hanging from an arbutus tree at the top so you can actually swing right over the mountain and the lake. If you couldn't get enough of swing sets as a kid, then this hike is definitely going to take you back and leave you feeling exhilarated.

The best thing about this hiking trail is that even though it looks seriously impressive, it's actually not that hard to get to the top. Even beginners or those who don't hike that often (or ever) will be able to do the hike easily and be treated to killer views like these. 

Old Baldy Mountain is in the Cowichan Valley not far from Victoria and about halfway between Duncan and Langford. To get there from Vancouver takes about four hours and it's easier to take the Nanaimo ferry. Make sure to wear hiking boots so you can safely make the most of this incredible hike.

Apparently, a man built this swing at the top of Mount Baldy, their favourite hiking spot, as a wedding present for his wife and it's remained here, untouched and open to the public ever since! 

The trail is kind of hidden and unmarked. Basically, you drive along Shawnigan Lake Road to McKernan Road, then on Galland Road to Baldy Mountain Road. Finally, turn on Strathcona Heights Road to Hawking Road all the way to the end and you'll see a yellow gate across a rocky access road. That's the start of your hike! It takes about an hour to get to the top.

You can find more information on the trail and what to expect here.

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