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Mount Falcon Trail In Colorado Will Lead You To The Ruins Of An Old Structure

You don't need a time-machine for a trip back to the medieval era to spot a castle. Mount Falcon Trail in Colorado will lead you to the ruins of an old structure perfect for an adventure filled with imaginary knights and dragons. Rather than daydreaming about far-off castles in countries across the sea, you can simply check out this easy hike. 

It may not be Camelot, but these ruins are sure to instill a sense of wonder and imagination to your hike when you reach them.

Mount Falcon Trail in Colorado will lead you to the remains of an old castle built in the early 1900s. In 1918, it was reported the 'mansion' was struck by lightning, causing it to burn down.

Now all that remains is a shell of the castle, which you can still visit and imagine it during its glory days as a towering structure reaching into the sky.

It was built on around 4,000 acres of land, which now encompass the remains and surrounding hill country that you can glimpse as you hike to them.

You can begin the journey at Mount Falcon Trail. The hike is a little over two miles and takes you along stunning hillsides with great views of the city skyline.

The eerie stone remains to create a surreal dreamscape against the stunning green countryside.

You'll feel like you stumbled across an ancient ruin from King Arthur's time, rather than an old mansion from a hundred years ago.

While nature has begun to reclaim what is left, you can still enjoy this whimsical old property with ties to the past.

There are two parking areas, but the west lot gives you access to the shorter, easier trail to the ruins. Parking is free, and you can find other tracks to explore in the same area.

The question that remains is: If you don't take a picture pretending to be knighted, did you even visit the castle?

Mount Falcon Trail

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 2 miles

Address: Mt. Falcon West Trail, 21074 Mount Falcon Rd., Indian Hills, CO

Why You Need To Go: This easy trail will lead you to the ruins of a castle that feels more like something from medieval times.


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