When it comes to thrilling adventures, the Volunteer State might just take the cake. There are at least six mountain coasters in Tennessee, but this one park has an added extra surprise. You can fly down this mountain coaster in Gatlinburg for a fun adrenaline rush.

Rowdy Bear Mountain Adventure Park has both an alpine coaster as well as a mountain glider. Each of these adventures is exciting, letting you zoom down the mountain and soar above the trees on unique tracks.

Treetops surround each of the tracks and the mountain views from the top are surreal. Hitting up to 35 MPH, you'll glide down the mountain and feel like a bird whose cheeks are about to fall off. 

They also have a sister park in Pigeon Forge called Rowdy Bear Ridge. It's home to a 500+ foot year-round tubing hill and an alpine flyer laser gun coaster. 

The mountain glider is a single-railed coaster that'll make your stomach drop on the way down as you dangle in the air. You may feel like you're free-falling down the mountain, but the track will bring you to the bottom safe and sound. 

You'll also be equipped with a helmet and strapped into a harness tight before you're set free on the journey. 

When it comes to the alpine coaster, you can actually control the speed as you zoom down the side of the mountain. Handles on the side of the cart give you the option to either speed up or slow right down.

The turns might make you feel like you're about to topple over the side, but that's all apart of the thrill of the coaster. This attraction runs rain or shine as well.

For a ride on the glider and two rides on the alpine coaster, it'll cost $28.99 plus tax. Of all the attractions around Gatlinburg, this unique park is sure to give you one heck of an adventure.

Rowdy Bear Mountain Adventure Park 

Price: $28.99 plus tax for one glider ride and two alpine coaster rides.

Address: 386 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN

Why You Need To Go: Get scenic Tennessee views dangling from a glider coaster or sit in a cart and zoom on the mountain coaster.

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