Imagine a land that has it all - the old world charm of Europe, the majestic landscapes of Canada, and the temperate touch of the tropics. A place where past and present live in perfect harmony, and the world is halted to a seemingly eternal stop. Such would be the dream destination for any traveller.

A place like that is far from being just a fantasy - it actually exists, and it's tucked away along the shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Discover Montenegro, an antique nation brimming with historic charisma and dramatic character. There's something for everyone here, whether you're an eager tourist, an outdoors enthusiast or a pleasure seeker.

The country is cradled by a range of majestic mountains that showcase the breathtaking beauty of the region. Its towns are blessed with gorgeous beaches, cozy Roman villas and intricate stone architecture from the 1600s. Cobblestone paths meander through its historic neighbourhoods, and there are lush green spaces studded throughout the area.

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Montenegro's coastline may be small, but it offers some of the best coastal scenery in Europe. A whimsical mix of rolling hills, exotic flowers and swaying palm trees make for an unforgettably enticing view. 

Outside of the cities, there are a plethora of natural wonders see as well. The locally-famous Durmitor and Prokletije mountains, the ancient forests of Biogradska Gora and a slew of incredible lakes and rivers are sure to get a nature lover singing. Go on an epic hike, ride a horse, speed down a rugged hill on a mountain bike, or take out a boat to a hidden island - the options for exploration are endless.

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Another thing to love about Montenegro is its warm and welcoming community. Its people live peacefully, and are enthusiastic about sharing their amazing culture and heritage with visitors to their country.

Accompanying their great hospitality is a culinary scene that is nothing short of heavenly - you'll likely develop an addiction to Montenegrin food once the locals are done with you.

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So the next time you plan to travel, make sure to put Montenegro on your list. Iceland will always be great, but if you seek a destination that's relatively off the radar, Montenegro is the way to go!