Your weekend plans have been restored with movie theaters in Alabama reopening on Friday. Under Governor Kay Ivey's modified "Safer at Home" order, movie buffs and other entertainment enthusiasts can venture to these popular spots as they open their doors for weekend visitors. The venues have been closed since March.

"It is now time that we move forward and further open our state and live with the new normal of incorporating COVID-19 precautions into our routine," Gov. Ivey said in a tweet on Thursday.

Along with movie theaters, people can start visiting bowling alleys, arcades, and concert halls within the state.

These "non-essential" businesses must follow the mitigation guidelines set forth under the order. Social distancing must be adhered to and enforced. This includes a limited capacity of 50%, although outdoor area capacity will be determined by local fire marshals. Employees must also wear face coverings when interacting with guests, and regular sanitation practices must continue.

Also, theaters must prohibit people from congregating in the lobbies and keep patrons six feet apart from other parties.

Tourist attractions like theme parks, water parks, and zoos will welcome guests. Also, race tracks, public playgrounds, casinos, adult entertainment venues.

The reopening of these entertainment destinations follows on the heels of the state's allowing restaurants to reopen its dining rooms and bars for on-site consumption, as well as beach reopenings in Alabama.

While most of these options will be available to residents and visitors, one component of the state's entertainment landscape that is still closed is nightclubs. According to, confusion erupted over how the state is treating nightclubs and bars

The state's Attorney General's office said that nightclubs' primary purpose is to "socialize" and that implementing social distancing guidelines there would be "near impossible." Until those guidelines are drawn up, nightclubs are likely to stay closed for the near future.