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Multiple IKEA Locations In Canada Are Now Serving Poutine

Several Canadian IKEA locations are now offering poutine in their stores' cafeterias.
Multiple IKEA Locations In Canada Are Now Serving Poutine

While it's doesn't exactly fall into the category of traditional Swedish cuisine, three Canadian IKEA locations are officially serving poutine! Of the 14 IKEA stores in Canada, the ones with the classic Canadian dish on their menus are in Winnipeg, Quebec City, and Boucherville, Quebec. All three of these locations are serving up dishes of delectable fries, gravy, and cheese curds.

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IKEA's cafeterias are famous for serving delicious menu offerings - like Swedish meatballs, smoked salmon, and hotdogs - at affordable prices.  Now, Swedes everywhere will be singing to the tune of O Canada, as IKEA begins offering poutine to Canadians across the country.

Currently, only the Boucherville store is advertising poutine on its website, pricing the dish at $4.99.  According to a report by CTV News, the store in Winnipeg has been serving poutine since 2014 - who knew!  IKEA claims that the menu item has proven to be extremely popular with customers.

Had to shed a few tears when the headline baited me to think poutine was coming to all @IKEACanada locations... this needs to be a thing at all IKEA locations! #MMJCTakeFourhttps://t.co/wkLgrZVriZ

April 4, 2019

Want poutine to be served at an IKEA location near you?  According to Maja Boricevic, a communications specialist for IKEA Canada, "There's always a possibility."

IKEA poutine? I’d hit that https://t.co/dMP48fWFj2

April 4, 2019

If you get poutine at Ikea, do you have to assemble it yourself?

April 4, 2019

She told CTV News, "While we will always be rooted in our Swedishness and will serve classic dishes such as meatballs and salmon, each store has the ability to adapt and try new dishes that are relevant to their markets and customer tastes."

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So shoppers, the fate of IKEA poutine rests on your shoulders.  Do not fail us - the Canadian population of consumers/poutine-lovers is counting on you!