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Multiple Passengers On A Canadian Flight Hospitalized For Illness Due To An Issue With The Plane

Passengers evacuated Air Transat flight after possible problem on the plane causes people to get sick.
Multiple Passengers On A Canadian Flight Hospitalized For Illness Due To An Issue With The Plane

A plane leaving from Quebec City made an emergency evacuation this morning. Multiple passengers onboard the Canadian flight fell sick due to a possible issue with the plane. Several people have even had to be hospitalized after the incident. 

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At 10:45 AM on January 24th,  firefighters had to evacuate an Air Transat plane on the tarmac at the Jean Lesage International Airport in Quebec City. The emergency evacuation was a result of numerous passengers complaining while the plane was de-icing that they felt started feeling sick only after being onboard the aircraft, a spokesperson for the airport told CTV News

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Five passengers even had to be hospitalized, according to CTV News. They were taken to the hospital after they were evacuated from the plane. Ambulances were called onto the scene.

A dozen passengers on board the plane reported that they were feeling sick only after boarding the aircraft. There were 185 passengers on board the Air Transat flight from Quebec City to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. All of the travelers were examined by paramedics. 

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The reported reason that passengers fell ill onboard the plane was due to an issue with the aircraft. In a statement released by the airline, they said the incident was caused by a ventilation problem in the plane, according to CBC News

Several passengers were vomiting onboard the plane and some had irritated eyes, said Debbie Cabana, a spokesperson for the airline. 

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"Our maintenance team is now conducting all the checks on board the aircraft," a spokesperson said, according to CBC News.

A new flight to Fort Lauderdale is expected to be departing Quebec City the same day at 5 PM.