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Multiple People Have Been Robbed At Gunpoint For Their Canada Goose Jackets In The Last Two Weeks

People wearing Canada Goose robbed at gunpoint for their winter jackets in Chicago.
Multiple People Have Been Robbed At Gunpoint For Their Canada Goose Jackets In The Last Two Weeks

Now that the winter weather is reaching its extreme harshness, some people are also going to extreme lengths to keep warm. In the past two weeks, multiple people have been robbed at gunpoint for their Canada Goose winter jackets in an American city. According to the Chicago Tribune, thieves in Chicago have been targeting people wearing Canada Goose jackets and forcing them to give up their coats.  

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Chicago police have reported not just one or two, but several armed robberies that target Canada Goose wearers in the past two weeks. It's not only one thief stealing the jackets, but groups of men have been reported as the robbers. 

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Canada Goose jackets do not come cheap at all, so of all the winter coats that could be targeted, we're not surprised that it's Canada Goose. A jacket from the brand usually costs a hefty $1000 but can be as high as $1,295. Their outerwear is marketed as down jackets that will keep you warm even in the most extreme of winters, but many Canadians opt for cheaper winter jacket options that still keep them warm. 

Canada Goose thieves in Chicago have gone to all kinds of lengths to steal the expensive winter jacket. This past Wednesday night, two men jumped from a white Mercedes sedan armed with guns and assaulted a 54-year-old man to steal his Canada Goose jacket and wallet. On a side note, you'd think that someone driving a roughly $100,000 Mercedes sedan wouldn't be strapped for cash, but then again, maybe they stole that too. 

Another similar incident took place the very same night in Chicago. Men driving in a sedan showed a gun to a 23-year-old man and demanded his Canada Goose coat. 

Last week, a group of thieves driving a stolen Audi managed to steal Canada Goose jackets from six people between Tuesday night and Thursday morning. In one instance, a victim was even followed into their apartment's lobby. 

It's not even the first time in Chicago that thieves have targetted Canada Goose. Since 2016, a Moosejaw outdoor equipment store selling Canada Goose jackets in Chicago has attracted several robberies every year that target the pricey winter coats. 

The outerwear brand has not been a stranger to controversy recently. Canada Goose has been under fire before for their reportedly unethical use of coyote fur and goose feathers. Canada Goose has denied these allegations, and on their website, said, "We believe all animals are entitled to humane treatment in life and death, and we are deeply committed to the ethical sourcing and responsible use of all animal materials in our products". 

Source: Chicago Tribune

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