Zellers, Payless & Green Earth Among The Stores That Canada Has Said Goodbye To This Year

Multiple Canadian companies have closed their doors in 2019.
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Zellers, Payless & Green Earth Among The Stores That Canada Has Said Goodbye To This Year

With the news of the last Zellers in Canada closing hitting the hearts of many Canadians, it adds yet another major chain to the list of stores that are closing throughout the nation this year. 2019 has not been the year for retailers in Canada as some of Canada's favourite brands have said goodbye to the North after declaring bankruptcy. We've compiled a list of stores that have announced they are closing their doors in Canada throughout 2019, and a lot of them were once popular Canadian staples. 

In recent news, Narcity confirmed that the last two Zellers will be closing their doors. Back in March 2013, a majority of Zellers around the nation closed their doors for good, but two of the locations, in Etobicoke and Ottawa, have been standing tall and proud for all these years. 

On Saturday it was discovered that both of these locations will be closing their doors for good, eliminating all Zellers throughout the nation. While it is still unclear when the Ottawa location will be closing, the Zellers in Etobicoke will be shutting down at the end of January 2020. 

However, Zellers isn't the only store that will be saying goodbye to Canada in 2019. Other companies such as Green Earth, Payless, and Home Outfitters have already called it quits in Canada over the past year. 

In March 2019, Green Earth announced that it would be closing all 29 locations around Canada after declaring bankruptcy. A once-popular knick-knack store that had been serving customers since 1990 began liquidation sales earlier this year. 

Now, all locations in Canada have shut their doors, leaving empty shells where the popular location once use to be. 

Canadians also said goodbye to the popular furnishing store, Home Outfitters this year. Back in February, Hudson's Bay Co. announced that it would be closing all 37 of its Canadian locations across the nation. All of these locations have since permanently closed. 

Payless ShoeSource also announced that it would be filing for bankruptcy this year and would be shutting down all 248 locations throughout Canada. 

While it has begun closing its stores back in March, some Payless ShoeSource still remains open throughout the nation.

On top of this, Jean Machine and Town Shoes also shut down all of their stores nationwide. 

Retail Insider hints that the reasoning behind so many popular Canadian chains closing this year is due to the fact that these chains often have no online shopping activity. 

Due to this, they have a higher chance of going bankrupt and are forced to close their doors. This can be seen throughout a variety of the popular stores that have had to move out of the Canadian market this year. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor
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