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Canadian Woman Captures Mysterious Sunset Photo And Even Weather Experts Can't Figure It Out

Our world is full of weird and inexplicable phenomenons, especially when it comes to outer space. The most recent one is this photo of a mysterious sun phenomenon captured by a Manitoulin Island woman. The picture even has weather experts online stumped. 

The photo in question was taken by Christine McNaughton, from Manitoulin Island, which is located in the northern part of Lake Huron. On Twitter McNaughton goes by @chancesmommy. She's a digital strategist with a decent online following of almost 20,000 people on Twitter alone. 

Some of her recent Twitter photos are garnering attention for just how mysterious they are. Taken on the evening of April 23, they show a seemingly normal sunset over McNaughton's farm on Manitoulin Island, but if you look at the sun, it's definitely not normal. 

Instead of just the bright orange ball of sun, we are used to seeing, this time there are a series of rings or halos around the sun, making it look like a bright red bullseye. To make it even more mysterious, when you look closely, the rings actually look like rainbows around the sun. 

McNaughton shared the photos at first just to show how awe-inspiring the sunset was last night.

Then she decided to reach out to weather experts and news outlets to see if they could help identify what this weird and mysterious sun phenomenon was. 

However, even a Weather Network meteorologist, Chris Murphy admitted he was stumped by the photo. In a tweet responding to McNaughton he said, "I've never seen anything like this before. It's not a sun dog. It looks if anything, like multiple halos...but not like any I've seen before." 

However, an answer to this mystery was eventually presented by none of than Science North, a massive science centre in Sudbury. 

According to Science North, the phenomenon is the result of ice crystals in the sky. They said "the arc of light is called a 'halo'. Notice the thin, wispy clouds? Those are cirrus clouds. They form very high up and are made of tiny ice crystals. Ice crystals can act like prisms and refract light. Sunlight refracted by the crystals makes a ring, or halo." 

Another theory that was presented was that this was a sun dog, in which crystals cause refraction and it appears like there is another burst of light or even second or third sun surrounding the actual sun, but McNaughton's photo is unlike any other. 

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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