There's no culinary fusion quite like Asian-American. If you love classic American food and love Asian cuisine even more, then Korean hotdogs are sure to suit your needs. They're basically like corn dogs but with much higher quality ingredients and they are super unique inside and out. The cool thing is, you don't have to travel to the other side of the world to taste this scrumptious Asian delicacy. You can experience some majorly cheesy fried Korean hot dogs here in Atlanta.

Myungrang Hotdog is a Korean street food joint with two locations in Doraville at the Asian Square Plaza and in Duluth at the H Mart. The Korean term "Myungrang" translates to bright, cheerful and playful, which embodies their goal of providing a fun and equally delicious experience when savoring their signature dogs. The restaurant originated in Korea and can be found in many places throughout Asia. They recently expanded to the United States. Georgia locations opened in 2018 and the San Diego location just opened in June 2019.

The Myungrang hotdog brings corndogs to the next level with its authentic asian flavors and exceptional variety. Beef sausages (hot dogs) are placed on a stick, rolled in a rice flour batter and then deep fried to create this one-of-a-kind treat.

They are then dusted with sugar and topped with your choice of sauce(s). Talk about flavor overload; your mouth will be doing loops on a salty, sweet and saucy roller coaster. The outside of the fried batter is crispy and the inside is a chewier texture, sort of like mochi. 

You can choose what goes inside your creation including mozzarella, cheddar cheese or rice cake. Their popular "Squid Ink Dog" is made with a special squid ink batter and filled with mozzarella and a hotdog. The rice cake option replaces the dog with a chewy traditional Korean rice cake.

If you're a cheesehead like us, you'll have to try their "Mozzarella Dog" with cheese pulls for days. The best seller is the "All Cheese And No Hotdog", basically a giant mozzarella stick. You had us at "all cheese."

You can get the batter coated with pieces of potatoes so you can have a perfect crispy outer layer with your hotdog. And for the finale, you can have your Asian creation drizzled with creamy white sauce, kethcup and/or mustard sauce. It's the icing on the cake. 

Next time you and your your friends are craving something savory, saucy, or even sweet, you definitely need to hit up Myungrang for a corndog with a twist. Obsessed with Asian street food? Stop by this new Atlanta Asian restaurant that has a different menu every week.

Myungrang Hotdog

Price: $5-10

Address: 2550 Pleasant Hill Rd. #300, Duluth, GA 30096 and 6035 Peachtree Rd., Atlanta, GA 30360

Why you should go: To experience a mouthful of flavors and cheesy goodness at this authentic Asian street food spot that will make all your corndog dreams come true.