Yep, you read the title right. One Canadian man, a.k.a. Lois Poizot, found himself in some serious hot water after allegedly using crystal meth and acting out dangerously in Byron Bay, Australia. The reports show that Poizot was hanging out around the Bay Lighthouse car park late at night when Tweed/Byron police were called out to the scene. Poizot was apparently acting erratic, was naked, and had made threats to harm himself.

Once the local police arrived, Poizot ran headfirst into a cruiser, breaking the windshield glass and causing glass shards to rain down over the officers in the car. He then allegedly jumped on the hood of the car and kicked in the windscreen.  Then moved on to punching and headbutting the front passenger's window. 

It was when he tried to get into the cop car that the police tasered him.

Via NSW Police

However by some superhuman strength, Poizot continued his violent confrontation with police. He allegedly punched a number of male offenders over and over again. 

Eventually, he was arrested and taken to Byron Bay police station, after "a considerable struggle" and was charged with malicious damage, resisting police and two counts of assaulting a police officer.

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This story itself isn't new. It happened around December 2017 and Poizot was eventually granted conditional bail in January 2018. However, the story is trending all over the world because other instances of Australians using crystal meth and acting out violently (while naked) have been occurring at alarming rates.

To highlight the issue, the media has covered many instances of people taking meth and putting themselves and others in dangerous situations. This wild story of the Canadian tourist though, seems to take the cake. 

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