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BC Has A Secret Nanaimo Bar Trail That They've Been Hiding From The Rest Of Canada

Nanaimo bars are love, Nanaimo bars are life. 😍
Nanaimo Bar Trail in BC Is A Secret They've Been Hiding From The Rest Of Canada

Few treats in life are so delicious and so Canadian as the Nanaimo bar. We all have B.C. to thank for the creation that's named after a coastal city on Vancouver Island. However, there's actually a Nanaimo Bar Trail in B.C. and they've been keeping it a secret for too long.

Hit the streets of Nanaimo hungry and eat your way along the secret trail. It works like a self-guided choose-your-own-treat adventure and there are 39 stops.

While the butter tart is king in Ontario and Alberta's got a hidden hot chocolate trail, B.C. boasts the humble Nanaimo bar.

Your classic Nanaimo bar has three layers: the cool and creamy chocolate top layer, the comforting vanilla custard middle layer, and the chocolatey, coconut graham crumb base.

Whether you want to taste the finest classic versions of the Canadian delicacy or you're looking for a wild ride, there are so many options.

Plus, it's not just one dessert. It's extended to basically everything. There are Nanaimo bar lattes, spring rolls, cocktails, deep-fried Nanaimo bars, and more.

They've even got organic, vegan, raw and gluten-free Nanaimo bars on the trail.

It's easy to zip over to Nanaimo from Vancouver. It's about a two-hour ferry ride away. You can make a weekend of it or pop over for a day trip.

If you take your dessert as seriously as we do, then you won't want to forget to pick up the trail's brochure.

It's available at any Visitor Centre or location that's joining in the fun. The brochure is the simplest way to map out your adventures.

The craze isn't limited to just desserts, though. For example, at the House of Kiyo Salon & Spa, you can get a Nanaimo Bar Pedicure.

Plus, there's the museum where you can see the Nanaimo Bar History Exhibit.

To find out more info on the Nanaimo Bar Trail and plan your epic dessert-fueled adventure, check out their website for more details.

Nanaimo Bar Trail

Price: Free

When: Year-round

Address: Nanaimo & the surrounding region, BC

Why You Need To Go: If you're obsessed with Nanaimo bars, then you have to make a trip to eat your way along the secret Nanaimo Bar Trail.

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