The Nanalan Puppet's Quarantine Videos Are Canadian Nostalgia Overload

These vids sent us right back to childhood!
Nanalan Quarantine Videos Are Being Shared Online And It's Canadian Nostalgia Overload

Does everyone remember watching Nanalan? The cult Canadian show, which was simultaneously strange and wonderful, has been off the air since 2004 but continues to be rediscovered online by adoring fans all over the world. Now, the show's star puppet Mona has resurfaced on Instagram to bring us some wholesome Nanalanquarantine content, and it’s the nostalgia blast we all need right now. 

For anyone who doesn’t recognize this iconic bug-eyed green character, no she’s not Baby Yoda’s long-lost sister. 

Mona, created and voiced by Toronto-born artist Jamie Shannon, holds a special place in many Canadian hearts. 

Which is exactly why now was the perfect time to bring her back, Shannon tells Narcity. 

"I get messages from fans every day but I was getting more than usual!" Shannon explained by email.

"I think the strongest message came from a grandmother in the states who said she would love to hear some words from Mona, and another that said how comforting it would be for people to see Mona again.

"It always was a show about a love for Nanas and right now it is the Nanas and the Papas that everyone is so worried about.”

As Shannon explains, Nanalan is all about the simple pleasures in life, something we can all really appreciate right now. 

"(Nanalan) was made by pure inspiration to do something different. It absolutely was motivated by a desire to create spontaneous, love-filled entertainment that inspired curiosity and a celebration of simple things, and people feel that,” Shannon says.

"No matter how weird and lo-fi Nanalan is, people get the basic feeling we were trying to convey."

Fans of the heartwarming puppet show will be thrilled to know we have not yet seen the last of Mona. 

“I plan to make another set of videos next week. Lots of time in quarantine. I am not at my puppet workshop so I don’t have the resources to do a ton of new things but I do plan to make more videos,” Shannon said.

Sadly, Mona's Nana and her dog Russel are in their own quarantine at CBC currently and therefore won't be making an appearance in the videos.

After all this time and through various different puppets, though, Nanalan still remains at the top of Shannon’s list. 

“I really love that I did something that put a great energy into the world; I was lucky enough as a young man to have something to be so proud of. It really is my favourite thing I have made.”

So if you’re looking for something wholesome and nostalgic to fill up your days, be sure to keep your eyes peeled to Shannon’s Instagram and YouTube for more Nanalan updates.

How's that for a Flashback Friday?