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Canada's Narrowest Street Is Hidden In BC & You Can Barely Fit

Walk single file. 🚶🚶‍♀️

Keep your eyes peeled, or you might miss it. Did you know that the most narrow street in Canada is in B.C.? Fan Tan Alley is a prime example of how good things come in small packages. It is a hidden eye-catching alley covered in gorgeous glowing lanterns that is so narrow you'll barely fit.

It is time to message your friends and discover this spot for yourself. Just keep in mind as it is so tiny, you might want to walk single file.

Fan Tan Alley is in Victoria, roughly three hours and a ferry ride away from Vancouver. You'll find it between Fisgard Street, and Pandora Avenue is an unbelievable sight to behold. 

The lane at its widest is six feet, but sections are a mere three feet across.

Standing inside, you'll easily be able to touch the walls on both sides without any effort. Why not head here yourself, and give it a try?

Entering this secret spot, you'll feel like you've magically arrived in the streets of China. 

Above your head, find hanging red glowing paper lanterns and strings of twinkling lights. 

Here it is like there is a lantern festival every day. But unlike many festivals, it is free to enjoy.

While it is beautiful in the day time, it is especially stunning at night.

For all of you looking for a cute inexpensive date idea, invite your date for a romantic walk here. The two of you can enjoy the twinkling lights in a setting that looks straight out of a romantic movie.

Ideally, you'll want to experience this area in the daytime too. As stepping inside the alley, you'll be amazed by how many shops they've packed inside.

You'll find plenty of boutiques selling handcrafted goods like soap and art.

Or you can follow your nose to the end of the street to find a massive selection of restaurants and cafes selling everything from bubble tea, chocolates, noodles and more.

Fan Tan Alley

Price: Free

Address: Between Fisgard Street and Pandora Avenue, Victoria, BC

Why You Need To Go: You can visit Canada's narrowest street that is covered in paper lanterns.