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6 Incredible Natural Wonders In Tennessee That You Have Probably Never Heard Of

The great state of Tennessee offers a lot more than just great music and mouth-watering food, as its nature side truly sticks out from the rest of the United States.

Nashville and Memphis are not the only spots where you can find a good time in the state, as nature fanatics will be quite pleased to see the numerous incredible natural wonders the Volunteer State has to offer.

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The Lost Sea 

Price: $23.95 per person

Address: 140 Lost Sea Rd., Sweetwater, TN

Why You Need To Go: If the rush of being underground suits your fancy, this is the spot for you. The Lost Sea is truly a natural wonder in the state, as it is America's largest underground lake and registered national landmark. You'll venture through caverns that lead to an amazing underground swimming hole.

Virgin Falls Trail 

Price: Free

Address: 2080 Scotts Gulf Rd., Sparta, TN

Why You Need To Go: If you're looking for an unforgettable hiking adventure, look no further. This trail travels through a 1,157-acre natural area and features beautiful waterfalls, caves, and woodlands.

Ramsey Cascades 

Price: Free

Address: Ramsey Prong Rd., Gatlinburg, TN

Why You Need To Go: This spot nestled in Great Smoky Mountains National Park features the tallest waterfall in the entire park. The 4-mile trail follows beautiful rivers and streams that lead you through a gorgeous forest of tall trees and wildlife.

Tennessee River Gorge 

Price: Free

Address: 1214 Dartmouth St., Chattanooga, TN

Why You Need To Go: This spot is nothing less than drop-dead gorgeous. This 27,000 acres of land in the heart of the Cumberland Mountains features beautiful trees, plants, and animals.

Ruby Falls

Price: $22.95 per adult

Address: 1720 South Scenic Highway, Chattanooga, TN

Why You Need To Go: This underground hidden spot is said to be "the nation's tallest and deepest underground waterfall open to the public." You'll go on a journey underneath the surface and explore incredible caverns and falls.

Cherohala Skyway

Price: Free

Address: Cherohala Skyway, TN

Why You Need To Go: This 43-mile long road takes you on a journey through one of the most beautiful natural spots in the country. The mountainside drive provides jaw-dropping sweeping mountain views and offers numerous hiking trails, scenic overlooks, and amazing waterfalls.

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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