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Art In Nashville Includes 3-D Rainbow Optical Illusion

Art is a great source is inspiration and positive energy during difficult times. As the current times are, more artists are creating powerful works to share with the world. There's new art in Nashville that will surely brighten local's moods. 

Bill FitzGibbons is a Memphis-born artist that has developed his skills over the past thirty years. In 2012, FitzGibbons was announced as the Official State Artist appointed by The State Legislature. With his talents, the Texas resident has taken to working with LED lighting systems. 

In 2014, he won the CODAaward presented by the CODAworx  for his work "LightRails" that's currently on display in Birmingham, Alabama. 

FitzGibbons has created 16 colorful LED light systems that have brought illuminated colors to states across the country including Texas, New York, Washingston and Tennessee. 

Currently on display in Nashville is his latest installation "Stockyard Spectrum" in the Broadstone Stockyards new residential project, near the Nashville Capitol Building. 

Stockyard Spectrum is located along a long hallway next to the bar lounge area that is frequented by the residents of the new building. 

The installation is eight-feet-high and 40-feet-wide. The piece has ten different light programs that are scheduled to change throughout the year.

When locals and tourists visit the installation, they'll be met with a choreographed sliding rainbow wall. The project is a permanent artwork so locals can check it out at any time. 

FitzGibbons told Narcity that he wanted to a create "a dynamic site-specific installation with a three-dimensional aspect."

He pointed out this was indeed acheived, even while being limited by the architecture of the hallway itself.

[rebelmouse-image 25977008 photo_credit="Bill FitzGibbons | Artist" expand=1 original_size="1440x2560"]

FitzGibbons had another Tennessee piece titled "Knoxville Colorline" (2010) that was a temporary installation for the Knoxville Museum of Art.

While this piece is no longer installed, art lovers can see photos and videos of the project on FitzGibbons official website.

[rebelmouse-image 25977009 photo_credit="Bill FitzGibbons | Artist" expand=1 original_size="1440x1800"]

FitGibbons told Narcity that the next state that will recieved one of these unforgettable installs may be Georgia, so art lovers in The Peach State can keep their eyes open for these magical colors as well. 

With so much distress currently in the world, seeing beautiful art may just be the hope locals need. 

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