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Brunch In Nashville Is Insane With This Huge Blood Mary Topped With 2 Whole Fried Chickens

When you go to Nashville, a whole lot of alcohol might be in your future and the hangovers are something serious, to say the least. Refueling after a long night out on the weekend is key for survival and we have found just the place for you to go. If you're looking to brunch in Nashville, this spot will blow your mind with its Bloody Mary that is on the menu. 

Party Fowl in Nashville, Tennessee has hot chicken, cold beer, boozy slushies and everything in between. Everyone in your group will enjoy this spot because there is something for even the pickiest of people.

If you are trying to find the perfect spot in the city to catch a sports game or to watch a live band performance, this is the spot. 

While scrolling your eyes over the menu, the bloody mary on the brunch menu might just catch your eye. This 55-ounce beast of a "drink" can be considered a meal too with all of the toppings that it comes with.

Grab a friend that would be down to split it with you and don't forget to document it!

When you order a bloody mary you probably expect to get a spicy drink with a few veggies in it, right? Not at Party Fowl — they take it to the whole next level. 

Their "Brunch For Two" drink is topped with two whole fried cornish game hens, two whole scotch eggs, eight fried okra and a whole avocado.

Are you still paying attention or have you looked this place up as you read that description? 

You can also expect to get a little kick from the house-made hot chicken seasoning in your drink that will make your tastebuds scream. 

This brunch icon is $50, but would only be $25 after splitting it with someone because this thing is too massive for just one person to conquer.

Party Fowl 

Price: $50

Address: 719 8th Ave. S., Nashville, TN

Why You Need To Go: You can get some of the best hot chicken at this spot and refuel your body with a massive 55-ounce bloody mary. 

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