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Dolly Parton Has Been Married Since The 60s & Apparently Only Die-Hard Fans Knew

How on Earth has she kept her relationship so private?
Dolly Parton's Husband Has Been Kept Under The Radar For 50+ Years

Nashville country legend Dolly Parton may go down in history as the biggest female vocalist of all time since her career took off in 1967.

She still receives tons of attention over 50 years later, especially now that people are finding out that Dolly Parton's husband has been married to the Southern blonde icon for over 50 years.

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The Jolene singer has stolen the hearts of many over the past five decades with her Southern charm and unique voice.

It's hard to stay out of the spotlight when you're this famous, but Dolly has sure been doing a dang good job when it comes to her long-time partner, Carl Dean. That's right, Dean put a ring on the country queen's finger in 1966 and the couple is still going strong today.

Now, people on Twitter are freaking out because, for all these years, most didn't even realize she was married! Check out some of the best tweets about Dolly Parton's husband:

This user tweeted, "Who knew Queen Dolly Parton has been married for over 50 years cause she don’t ever take him NOWHERE."

Apparently, die-hard fans know of him, but there are no recent photos of him to be found. The only pictures of him online are from way back in the day.

Regardless, people seem to be super supportive of their marriage because the country megastar is just simply a catch.

Supposedly, the couple still lives in Nashville, Tennessee, but who knows honestly. We guess with Jolenes out there, she's got to keep him out of sight. 

So there you have it, folks. If you were thinking of asking Dolly out on a date anytime soon, you might want to reconsider. She seems pretty smitten with her out-of-the-spotlight boo.

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