Tennessee is not a newbie when it comes to extreme weather. From tornados to floods, this state has seen close to it all this 2020 season. Locals will now need to prepare for below-average weather since there's a freeze warning in Tennessee for tonight.

For all of Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky, there's been a freeze watch and freeze warning issued on Monday, April 13. Locals can expect to see the drop in temperature early Wednesday morning. 

According to Nashville Weather Service, Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky residents should expect sub-freezing temperatures between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m.

Temperatures could drop to the mid to low 30s so residents will most likely wake up to frosted yards and chilly winds. 

Just a month ago, Nashville was devastated by the effects of the tornados that ripped through the city and destroyed many businesses along with it.

About 40 buildings collapsed after the tornado stayed on the ground for about 10 miles. Over 42,000 homes were without power, but the community, including Tennessee native Taylor Swift, came together to support one another. 

Fox 17 Nashville's morning meteorologist Justin Chambers tweeted a photo of the areas of impact and areas in a freeze warning or freeze watch. 

The impacts of the freeze could potentially kill crops throughout the area, as well as other sensitive vegetation so it's advised for farmers and landowners to take extra precautions. 

This drop in temperature could also damage some unprotected outdoor plumbing systems.

In order to save plants, crops, and plumbing, residents should take said precautions as early as possible. It's advised that homeowners begin wrapping exposed water pipes so pipes don't burst under pressure. 

Almost all the Southern states have recently been hit hard with tornados, floods, and storms over the past week. By preparing in advance, locals are diminishing the after-effects of these natural disasters. 

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