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This Nashville Chocolate Shop Has A Secret "Green" Bar That Serves Absinthe

Do you dare touch the forbidden fruit?
Hidden Bar In Nashville Serves Actual Absinthe After Hours

Drinking booze is often in the cards when planning the weekend, but maybe it's time to switch it up to something a little more hardcore. Skip the dive bars and opt for this hidden bar in Nashville that serves up actual absinthe. It might be hard to believe the forbidden drink is accessible here, but it's real and it can be all yours.

Tempered Cafe and Chocolates is a cutesy candy shop by day and a badass secret bar by night. This spot, called The Green Hour, lives up to its name with all green everything.

The entire bar, which comes alive after hours, is dimly lit with a neon green aura. When the green light glows in the window, you know it's open for business. It's definitely not your typical bar, because they actually sell absinthe.

The ultra boozy Switzerland-based alcohol was once banned in the U.S. because it contains a toxic chemical. It's no longer forbidden and will get you more than buzzed.

As per usual, absinthe is served with a spouted fountain filled with ice-cold water that drips into your drink. With such a high proof, you definitely won't want to drink it neat.

This crazy strong liquor is the highlight of The Green Hour and will definitely make for an unforgettable night (even though things may get blurry).

You can enjoy it in the form of unique specialty cocktails like the exclusive "Green Hour" with La Muse Verte, egg white, cream, almond, chocolate and mint; or the "Tom Ford" with Dolin dry vermouth, Fords gin, Chartreuse, orange bitters and strawberry absinthe. Classy to the max.

If you want to get a taste of it all, you can choose the demonstration options including Leatherbee Charred Oak (vanilla, complex, spiced) or Copper & Kings (bold, fruity, lavender).

You can even pair your drinks with top-notch artisan chocolate truffles made right in the cafe.

Visit during store hours to get your hands on over 20 of these uniquely delicious truffles, including lemon lavender and strawberry goat cheese.

The Green Hour

Price: $13+

When: Thursday-Saturday after 8 p.m.

Address: 1201 5th Ave. N., Nashville, TN

Why You Need To Go: Take this rare opportunity to sip on some once-forbidden alcohol for a buzzed night with a hardcore twist.

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