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This Krampus-Themed Haunted House In Nashville Next Month Will Be A Total Holiday Scare

When October hits, it feels like the last three months of the year fly by and we feel like we didn't get the chance to even enjoy the holidays. Just because spooky season is over, doesn't mean the activities have to end. Nashville is having a Krampus-themed haunted house in Nashville pop up next month and it combines two of the best holidays. 

Krampus is known as the king of Christmas nightmares. He is the one who visits you if you've been bad throughout the year, AKA Santa's evil counterpart. 

This year in Nashville, Krampus is bringing along his newest terror, Behll the Ghoul of Christmas, and let us tell you, she is not pretty. It might be the holiday season, but you can still get terrorized by these scary terrors. 

This haunted house will be at Nashville Nightmare Dec. 4, 13 & 14. It might only be there for three days, but you'll be glad that it isn't there for any longer once you make it through the haunt. 

They have traded in their zombies and ghosts for scary elves and Christmas characters. They'll chase you all throughout the Christmas lit haunted house and your worst nightmare will become your reality.

There are more attractions you can hit at this location before or after you experience the haunt. There are mini escape games that are short, but scary. These are only a $5 add on, so why not?

This year, there will be an ax-throwing attraction where you get five throws for just $5. You can get your adrenaline pumping before you run for your life. 

Krampus is so popular throughout the US that there are many haunted houses popping up in Texas, Florida and even Louisiana. If you're a fan of this evil guy, you should take a little road trip to see the other themes of the haunted houses.

Krampus Haunted Christmas 

Price: $24.99 

When: December 7, 13-14

Address: 1016 Madison Square, Madison, TN 37115

Why You Need To Go: Both Christmas and Halloween are combined to create this terrifying holiday event that will bring all your scary dreams to life. 

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