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Nashville's Biggest Names Are Throwing Living Room Concerts All Month

Hunter Hayes and Brantley Gilbert included.
Nashville Musicians Are Hosting Live Virtual Concerts

Nashville is home to many small and big-name musicians alike. From Hunter Hays and Brad Paisley to your local neighbor and friend, Nashville musicians are hosting live virtual concerts daily to stay busy and also for fans to enjoy. All you need to do to show the local community some support is by simply tuning in. It seems like a win-win for everyone involved! 

"It’s times like this that remind me of not only the power of music but the importance of it in every way, ESPECIALLY in the hearts and minds of young creators all over the world needing an outlet right now," Hunter Hays wrote on his most recent Instagram post. 

An array of musicians, bars and concert venues will be streaming at different times throughout the next couple weeks. Some have specific dates scheduled, while others will be on live stream every day.

You can catch streams on Youtube, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and on some personal online websites.

Brad Paisley already did a similar virtual concert on Thursday, March 19 straight from his home and it was free to watch. He even Facetimed Carrie Underwood and Tim Mcgraw during it. 

Some of the daily concerts include: 

  • Third Man Records (daily on YouTube)

  • Whiskey Jam (nightly via Instagram)

  • Robert’s Western World (nightly via Facebook)

  • Nick Howard (daily via Facebook and Instagram)

Some major musicians you might know that are preforming scheduled concerts include Hunter Hayes and Brantley Gilbert. 

Hunter Hayes will be performing his concerts via Youtube on March 24, April 7 and April 14 and Brantley Gilbert will be playing his concerts via Instagram on March 27 at 8:00 p.m. CST and April 3 at 8:00 p.m. CST.

This is just one of the many ways to help the local artist scene during these rough times. But don't forget there are other ways to help too.

While you are jamming out, you can order dinner from a few restaurants to support those establishments as well. So eat, drink and be merry because this might be the cheapest front-row view of a live concert you'll ever experience! 

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