You Can Get Lost In This Massive 31,000-Square-Foot Vintage Bookstore In Nashville

Thousands & thousands of books.
Massive Used Bookstore In Nashville Is Every Book Lover's Dream

There really is nothing like opening a book and having the "old book smell" hit you right in the face. Vintage book stores are hard to come by but this massive used bookstore in Nashville is sure to make you and your wallet happy. 

McKay's has locations in Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Greensboro and Winston-Salem. You can go to any of these locations and get the same experience, which is a good one we will tell you that. 

This is also not your typical book store. There are hundreds of rows that you could easily get lost in. There are even two stories that you can explore.  

A few bookstores within the past year in Nashville have seen a similar fate as many others around the country, AKA closed doors. McKay's is still going strong and you just have to go see why for yourself. 

From the second story of the building, you can see all the rows of books and you probably won't believe your eyes. From Non-Fiction to Sci-Fi, you can pretty much find any book you want. 

The store is a massive 31,000-square-foot and is filled with more than just books. There are vinyl records, gaming systems, toys, musical instruments and CDs. 

McKay's does about 1,000 transactions a day, according to the Tennessean. They have a plethora of both new and used items and your wallet will thank you for after shopping here because their prices are so low (which we all love). 

This is just one unique spot that Nashville is home to, but if you travel around the city, you'll find places like this restaurant that serves the most insane Bloody Mary's with crab legs on top. 


Price: 💸

Address: 636 Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville, TN 37209

Why You Need To Go: This massive used bookstore has rows and rows of books, vinyl records and many other goodies.