You Can Have A Backyard Glamp Experience With This Adorable Vintage RV In Nashville

Backyard adventures await.
Nashville Glamping Company Will Bring Tents To Your Backyard

With the backyard or your balcony being the only spots you can travel to at the moment, the best thing to do is to make the best out of the situation. Tennesseans usually spend the spring and summer traveling to The Smokies and music festivals. Well this Nashville glamping company will bring glamping tents and RVs right to you so you can still have these experiences.

The Flying Ham, owned by Morgan and Ashley Gliko, is a company based out of Nashville that rents out vintage campers and a variety of glamping tents to Middle Tennessee campgrounds and state parks. 

These campers have also been seen at music festivals like Bonnaroo so it's perfect for all types of events. 

Since parks are closed and fests have been postponed, the Gliko's are bringing The Flying Ham right to your backyard so you can still have an outdoor adventure this spring.

With the pandemic affecting so many businesses, the owners of this company were trying to find a way to keep their dream afloat.

There are three different types of RV/campers you can rent: the 16-foot Red Ham, the 16-foot Green Ham and the 19-foot Red Ham. 

They all come with air conditioning, a shower, a kitchen and electricity. Each one even comes with a few beds so you can literally live in it for a weekend.

They also have glamping tents that include cots, bed linens, pillows, decor, generator and air conditioning. The tents can actually fit three to four cots.

For three nights, it's only $300 to rent out the tent. If that's just not enough time for your outdoor adventure, you can easily check the availability on the website to see if you can rent for more nights.

The RV's run from $170 to $185 per night depending on what size you choose to go with. You can even rent them on a weekly and monthly basis if you're really tired of being cooped up in your own house.

The Flying Ham

Price: Check availability

Why You Need To Go: This vintage camper is perfect for getting out of the house and still not going too far from home. 

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