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Nashville Mayor John Cooper Released 4-Part Plan For City Reopening

Multiple states and major cities in the South are reopening and Tennessee just joined the growing list. Nashville Mayor John Cooper released a four-part reopening plan for the city on Thursday, April 23. In the official statement, the city will only move to the next phase if the stats improve and remain stable for two weeks.

“Today's discussion is to get us ready for reopening when these four tests are met. That's why everyone must continue to remain at home whenever possible,” Mayor Cooper said during this morning's press conference. 

As of now, The Tennessee Department of Health has reported 7,842 reported cases and 166 deaths. 

Phase one of four consists of restaurants, bars serving food, retail stores and commercial businesses opening at half capacity.

The second part will allow those same businesses, including nail and hair salons, to open at three-fourths capacity with a maximum of 10 occupants. Playgrounds, as well as tennis and basketball courts, will also open with social distancing being practiced.

Phase three allows most of the noted businesses to open at full capacity with bars not serving food and entertainment venues at half capacity. By phase four, the city can be fully opened.

To be able to move to the next phase, the city's statistics must have improved or remained stable — what they refer to as "stability in the metrics" — for 14 days. If there are consistent positive results, this plan can be completed in two months.

Dr. Alex Jahangir, Chair of the Nashville Coronavirus Task Force, says officials will be monitoring the data's "rolling average" throughout the plan.

In other words, it won't "allow a single good day, or a single bad day, in the number of new cases take [the city] off course."

Mayor Cooper has not specified when this plan will begin, but tweeted the plan will be "data driven, not date driven."

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