Communities all around the world are coming together now more than ever to support each other. Finding the positive in the news is what many look for every morning, and these Nashville locals are giving people just what they're looking for. These Nashville singers sing "It Is Well With My Soul" and the positive energy has made its way all around the world. 

Nashville, Tennessee is home to many music studios, but there's one specifically for backup singers. TenTwoSix Music Group specializes in providing back-up singers for huge hit artists. 

While these singers are normally behind the big names, they changed that yesterday when 31 of the talented voices came together to sing "It Is Well With My Soul."

Each individual recorded a five-second part of the song via their cellphone. There's no blending or auto-tune or any of that fancy stuff, just natural voices all coming together. 

Producer David Wise was the one who came up with the brilliant idea. He had help from his studio engineer with meshing all the voices together and making the final video.

Studio TenTwoSix Co-Owner Laura Cooksey told Fox17 Nashville, “We wanted to use our voices to bring comfort at a time when people are looking to be comforted, when we are all saying what is going on here."

The hymn has over five million views and the interactions and comments are endless on the YouTube video. 

One user, Ethan Dowler said, "It took me a full 10 mins to regain my composure after listening to this. I just closed my eyes, listened, and wept. This is why God invented music!" 

Another user, Katie Cox commented, "Ok, I listen again and again- y’all, this is ridiculous, stupid, crazy good. I’m undone."

In a world full of uncertainty, viewers from all over the world are finding peace through random acts of kindness and are expressing how it's helping them get through the pandemic.