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Non-Stop Flights To Puerto Rico  From Nashville Are Finally Here

Even though it might be Christmas time, this is around the point during the winter when we are wishing for tropical weather. The Nashville airport is also thinking the same thing. Nashville International Airport (BNA) just announced non-stop flights to Puerto Rico from Nashville and other major cities for this the coming summer. 

If there is one thing most of us can agree on, is how annoying connecting flights can be. You just want to get to your destination with no stress, which is what BNA is trying to fix.

From June 7 to Aug. 10, you'll be able to experience these weekly non-stop flights to one of the best tropical locations, and to some US states, too.

Southwest Airlines is the airline making this happen, and the prices are just as exciting as well. These flights from BNA to San Juan start around $258, which is a steal. 

One of the best things about this airline is that is saves you so much money. They are known for their "first two bags fly free" deal, which is a blessing. We know you'll be bringing at least two suitcases to your tropical destination.

Aside from San Juan, you can also catch non-stop flights during this time to Portland, Maine, and Portland, Oregon if you're not ready to fly over a large body of water. 

If you've been trying to find the right time to treat yourself and go somewhere where your drinks come in pineapples and coconuts, this is your sign. 

While you're waiting to leave the US, you should fill up on mimosas that are the size of your head at this new bar in Midtown or pick up a few books for your flight at this ginormous bookstore.

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