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Fox News' Tomi Lahren Just Moved To Nashville & Took One Last Shot At California

Makin' moves.

Now more than ever, people are looking to their fave celebrities to see how they're handling being quarantined. One political celeb decided to take her self-isolation to the opposite side of the country. Tomi Lahren moved to Nashville this week and she's proudly sharing her newly found Southern pride.

Tomi Lahren is a conservative political commentator for Fox News and Fox Nation and has resided in the state of California for the last few years.

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Taylor Swift Surprises Nashville Record Store By Paying Employees' Salaries

Tennessee strong.

Being weeks into the COVID-19 outbreak, it's almost expected that celebrities will give their monetary or creative contributions to help with relief. While many are helping organizations, one major star is reaching her hand down to her Southern roots to help Tennessee. Taylor Swift donates to Nashville record store, helping employees keep their jobs. 

Taylor Swift does not speak often on major events, however when it comes to Tennessee, T Swift is all about that Southern pride. 

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Brad Paisley Is Bonding With His Guitar While Social Distancing In Tennessee

Embracing the good stuff is essential right now.

States across the country are instituting curfews and "stay-at-home" ordinances everyday, which undoubtably includes celebs as well. This is giving us a bit more insight into what our faves are doing in their mansions and penthouses. Brad Paisley is self-quarantining in his Tennessee home, along with his trusty guitar and fans are enjoying the Southern music magic.

Even though many fans are upset that Brad cancelled a few tour days (May dates are currently still scheduled), the country superstar refuses to let his fans miss his tunes. 

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Brad Paisley Is Performing An Instagram Live Concert From His Nashville Home Tonight

He's taking fans' requests via text!

With cancellations from bars and restaurants to concerts and festivals, we aren't left with much to do outside our humble abodes. Although it's important to steer clear of social gatherings, you can still take part in them from home. Tonight  Brad Paisley is hosting a concert via Instagram Live from Nashville and he's taking requests from fans. 

Nashville country music star Brad Paisley, known for his dreamy hits, "Waitin' on a Woman" and "Whiskey Lullaby" is showing his undying dedication for his fanbase.

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Fans Are Applauding Taylor Swift's $1 Million Donation To Nashville Tornado Survivors

Fan or not, anyone can appreciate this.

Many big-time artists that we know and love call Nashville home, even if they don't live there full-time. The recent tornado devastations have brought the entire Middle Tennessee community together, including famous artists from this great state. Nashville native Taylor Swift donated $1 million to Middle Tennessee tornado relief and fans are applauding her philanthropic energy.  

On Thursday, March 5, Taylor Swift took to her Instagram to explain how devastated she was about her hometown and wanted to help the survivors. She also provided a link on her Instagram story just in case you felt led to donate towards relief efforts, too.

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6 Things To Know About Stranger Things' Natalia Dyer's Life In Tennessee

Born to be a star.

Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) had humble beginnings at the start of Stranger Things, but she packs a lot of punch. Some would compare her role as Mike's big sis (and Jonathan's lover) to her real life in Nashville where she grew up. She started small but made it big and here's everything you need to know about Natalia Dyer's Tennessee life before Stranger Things.

After Nancy's complicated relationship with Steve, came a blossoming love between she and Jonathan (that turned into a real-life romance). Then came lots of bravery in the involvement to help protect the community from all the weird things happening.

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