Music City is the place to go if you want to party with your friends and have a really good time. There are bars and restaurants for every occasion and every time of day. The rooftops are perfect for day drinking and they do not disappoint either. Amongst those are this restaurant and bar in Nashville serve up the best drinks and they even come in seashells. 

Hampton Social Nashville is a three-story venue and it's the seventh location that has opened in the US. The space is a massive 17,890-square-feet and is the perfect spot to start out a day of drinking. 

This spot has a Rosé lounge, a dining lounge and a rooftop that you can chill out and look pretty. Not to mention, the entire place is so aesthetically pleasing, you'll want to take a hundred pictures. 

The restaurant has only been open since early December and has already taken over the bar scene in Nashville.

There are swinging chairs (great Instagram content) and even a grandmaster staircase that takes you to the rooftop. 

The drinks and food are just as incredible as the atmosphere. Their signature drink here is the frosé and you can drink it in front of the huge neon sign that says "Rosé All Day."

There are so many drinks to choose from, but whatever you choose, you can either get it in a regular glass or get it in a giant seashell.

You can share it with all your friends and you probably have never drunk out of a seashell before. 

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Hampton Social Nashville

Price: 💸💸

Address: 201 1st. Ave. S., Nashville, TN

Why You Need To Go: This three-story spot is the perfect place to spend the day drinking with your friends and they serve their cocktails in seashells.