You Can Devour A One-Pound Sugar Donut At This Charlotte Eatery

A dessert of our wildest dreams.
Restaurant In Charlotte Is Known For Its Massive Donut

Getting a craving for a donut at random times of the day, especially when they're hot and from Krispy Kreme, is not out of the norm for many people. They're just so dang good and fluffy, not to mention sometimes pretty cute. This one restaurant in Charlotte has stepped up their donut game and serves up a one-pound donut for dessert. 

Stoke in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a more upscale restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch on the weekends.

Some people come to this spot just to order the popular and extravagant desserts. It might be nearly impossible to eat a full meal and then try to conquer this one-pound sugary delight. 

You can grab at least five to eight of your closest friends who love to chow down because that's about how many it'll take to finish this monstrous treat.

If you can't seem to finish it, you can always take it home and eat it for breakfast the next day, which is totally acceptable.  

This cake donut has many layers to it, and with each one, the dessert just gets better and better.

The inside is fluffy and sweet and filled with their home-made whipped cream and pastry cream. 

Each of these delights is made to order so you know they're coming out hot and fresh. 

The top of the donut is completely covered in powdered sugar and crushed up Heath Bar pieces.

With every bite, you'll get soft cake and some crunch all in one, which makes for a great dessert.

It's only $18 for this insane dessert and split between friends, you'll be getting a steal.  

Stoke Charlotte is open from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. aka all acceptable times to eat a donut. 

Stoke Charlotte 

Price: 💸💸

Address: 100 W. Trade St., Charlotte, NC 

Why You Need To Go: You can get a pretty tasty meal at this spot, but their one-pound donut knocks everything out of the park and is the star of the show here.