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The Internet Is Roasting Sam Hunt's Mugshot With His Own Lyrics

He handed the cop his debit card instead of I.D.
Sam Hunt Was Arrested In Nashville & His Mugshot Is The New Super-Meme

If you're a country fan in any way, there is no doubt that you're in love with Sam Hunt. The sultry country star has the voice of an angel and it doesn't hurt that he has the face to go along with it. That same face is circulating in a different light because this time, it's in a mugshot. Sam Hunt was arrested in Nashville yesterday on a DUI charge and the internet is totally trolling him.

The lyrical heart-throb, known for big hits "Body Like a Backroad" and "Make You Miss Me" was arrested yesterday morning (Nov. 21) in Nashville as he was heading toward Gallatin Avenue in Davidson County. The red flag? He was driving on the wrong side of the road on Ellington Parkway, obviously leading the MNPD to pull him over. 

According to public court records, Sam Hunt was charged with a DUI and open container violations. According to a USA Today article, police reported that Sam smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot and watery eyes and that there were two empty beer cans in the cupholders.

To further hint what his BAC may have been, he attempted to hand over his passport and debit card instead of his I.D. Oops. Sobriety tests were conducted and he blew a 0.173. The legal limit in Tennessee is 0.08. His mugshot is currently the laughing stock of the Internet because his lyrics are just way too relatable to the incident.

People are literally bringing back 2011-style memes for this.*

From the look on his face, he's in his own little world, enjoying his buzz and completely unbothered by his arrest. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and his face says it all. 

At least he's honest because he did, in fact, admit that he had been drinking recently. He was granted a $2,500 bond and was released at 9 a.m. Thursday, only three hours after his arrest. His scheduled hearing is on Jan. 17 so at least he can enjoy the holidays, right?

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* Editor's Note: This article has been updated.

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