The Internet Has Mixed Emotions About Sam Hunt's Drunk Driving Apology

Who's calling BS?
The Internet Has Mixed Emotions About Sam Hunt's Drunk Driving Apology

If you don't live under a rock, you've heard the news about country star Sam Hunt's DUI last week. The Internet immediately began trolling him with memes using his own lyrics alongside his mugshot. Honestly, a lot of his lyrics just sort of fit the whole situation. Now, the Internet has lots of mixed emotions following Sam Hunt's apology for his wreckless behavior. 

ICYMI, Sam Hunt was arrested on DUI and open container charges on the morning of November 21 in Nashville, Tennessee. He was driving on the wrong side of the road in Davidson County and blew a 0.173 BAC when cops pulled him over. He also tried to hand them his passport and debit card in lieu of his I.D. (which was sitting in his lap). 

Despite his confused behavior and the smitten look in his mugshot, let's put all jokes aside because in the long run, driving under the influence is not okay. It puts people in serious danger and with all the ride-sharing available, there's just no excuse.

Sam Hunt took to Twitter on Friday (November 22) to publicly apologize for driving drunk. "It was a poor and selfish decision and I apologize to everyone who was unknowingly put at risk," states the country music icon. 

He confessed his decision to drive home drunk was a "poor and selfish decision." Some people view his remorse as heartfelt and genuine, while others believe he's only sorry he got caught.

Twitter is in a back-and-forth frenzy about the underlying reasons for Sam's apology. There are some die-hard fans that are quick to forgive him. 

Some fans appreciated the apology, thanking him saying "Thank you for admitting your wrongdoing, we are all human and make mistakes."

Others are a bit more skeptical about his authenticity. Is he only doing it for the sake of his career? 

Some are just downright not buying the apology, calling it "half-ass" and saying "drivers were blessed not to be around him when it happened."

There any many who are still supportive and believe that he has learned from his mistakes, mentioning "as long as he learns from it... who are we to judge him?" 

The opposite side of the spectrium as fans who feel he is only sorry for getting caught, tweeting "Saying sorry doesn't bring back those killed by drunk drivers."

The whole thing is definitely a sticky situation for Sam and we can only hope that he means it when he says it won't happen again.

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