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You Can Get Oversized Mimosas At This Nashville Bar

Calling all brunch lovers.
You Can Get Oversized Mimosas At This Nashville Bar

In Nashville, you can find some type of bar every few feet, which is a blessing and a curse. Since there are so many, it's hard to figure out the best ones. This new bar in Nashville has a double-decker patio and some pretty insane drinks that stick out from the rest.  

Dogwood Nashville is located in midtown and has only been open since October. Owner and Bachelor Nation star, Brad Womack, is the one who had the idea for this place. It has a patio on both floors which makes the outdoor seating incredible.

Getting a seat outside at Dogwood is the perfect way to hang out since you get to choose on which floor you'd like to sit.

This spot has a pretty extensive menu for a bar as well which is music to our ears. It includes sliders, bacon-wrapped shrimp, sweet-tea marinated wings, and burgers. 

If you are a mimosa lover, you are in for a great treat. Here, you can get one that is literally bigger than your head called the "Texas-Sized Mimosa." There is a Dogwood location in Austin, Texas, so obviously everything is bigger in Texas, right?

Tennessee is filled with spots with massive food and drinks, including this bar that serves a secret cocktail in a gallon-sized bucket and this restaurant in Memphis that has a 25-pound burger. 

The Dogwood Nashville 

Price: 💸💸

Address: 1907 Division St., Nashville, TN

Why You Need To Go: The double-decker patio is the perfect bar scene and Dogwood serves up ginormous mimosas. 

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