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Nashville Will Open The First Ever Museum Dedicated To Black-American Music This Summer

The only museum in the world focused on Black music.
This New Museum In Nashville This Summer Celebrates Everything About Black Music

There's a reason Nashville is nicknamed Music City. When it comes to world-renowned music hubs, The Ville is competing with the big city lights of New York and Los Angeles. A new museum in Nashville is opening this summer, and it's playing into the city's iconic nickname.

The 56,000-square-foot National Museum of African American Music, NMAAM for short, is a timeline of the progression of Black music in the United States and in turn how that music has influenced the nation.

"The museum chronicles African-American musical traditions from the 1600s starting with Slave Songs and Spirituals all the way through present day with genres like Hip-Hop and R&B," Curatorial Director Dr. Dina Bennett stated.

Black musicians have touched every genre of music, so each exhibit will give visitors insight into how genres typically not associated with Black artists, like classical and country, have another story to tell.

This isn't your typical walk-through museum. NMAAM told Narcity that there will be over 25 interactive touchpoints for guests to collect pictures and videos through an RFID bracelet.

"Some of the interactives allow them to be virtually inserted into a gospel choir and sing along with a 'call and response' or try their hand at Hip-Hop beat-making via touchscreen monitors," Dr. Bennett said.

These experiences will be available for you to download at home through your bracelet.

The five slated galleries each have a unique theme, whether it be based on genre or a certain point in history.

There's an area of the museum catered to every generation in your family. Whether you're hung up on Drake, your parents grew up on Run-DMC and their parents swooned over Billie Holiday, all of these artists will be celebrated for their successes.

Outside of the themed exhibits, the immersive theatre, research library, and multi-purpose room come together to give the museum its massive size and potential influence.

This highly-anticipated addition to Music City is slated to open Labor Day weekend with a number of special events for both the public and honored guests.

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