We all love a good rooftop bar, but when the temperatures drop, they're not as fun as they usually are when you're freezing to death. This rooftop bar in Nashville is doing it right by adding huge igloos and some holiday cocktails this season for those 21 and up. 

The Bobby Hotel in Nashville, Tennesee will be setting out its famous igloos to keep you warm and tipsy all winter long. From Nov. 14 until the new year, you and eight (can squeeze up to 10) friends can join in on the fun and rent one of these igloos. 

With the igloos come specialty cocktail and fun holiday drinks to match the mood. You'll be able to drink spiked hot chocolate, spiked hot apple cider and spiked eggnog. 

Inside of these cozy igloos, you will find many fuzzy blankets, an indoor fireplaces to keep you warm and lounge seating all around. In the middle of all the igloos, there is a real firepit in case you get a little too cold on the roof. 

Aside from the igloos, the rooftop will have curling lanes that you and your friends can try their luck on. This is especially fun after you have a few spiked cocktails in your system. 

Each of the igloos will have a small food menu to order off of. You'll see items like charcuterie, baked brie, short rib nachos and hummus. You can see the full holiday menu from the previous year to get an idea of the eats available.

Reservations for these are not required, but you should make some because these things go fast during the holiday season. The rooftop is open Sunday to Wednesday from 4:00 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Thursday to Saturday from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. 

To hang out in these cool things, your group must spend $400 on Sundays to Wednesdays collectively, which is easy to do, or $750 on Thursdays to Saturdays. 

Rooftop Lounge at The Bobby Hotel 

Price: 💸💸💸

Address: 230 4th Ave. N, Nashville, TN 37219

Why You Need To Go: These glowing and heated igloos are the perfect out of the ordinary holiday activity for your group of friends.