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Twitter Fans Are Gushing Over Nashville Singer Thomas Rhett's Newest Arrival

Just wait till you see what they named her.
Thomas Rhett And His Wife Welcomed Their Baby Girl In Nashville

The world was so excited when Thomas Rhett Akins and his wife, Lauren Akins announced they were adopting a baby girl from Uganda in 2017. We were even more excited when Lauren announced she was expecting a baby girl herself just a few months after that. This summer, the family took to social media to tell everyone they're expecting another baby girl in 2020. Thomas Rhett and his wife welcomed their baby girl in Nashville on Monday and she is adorable.

Even though Laura Akins gave birth to their daughter on Monday, February 10, it was just announced overnight that she came a little early.

Lennon Love Akins was born in their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee weighing 9lbs 2oz. She was born with the bluest eyes and a head full of dark hair. 

Thomas Rhett's Instagram post is to die for and touches on how incredible his wife was through the entire birth (cue the tears).

Fans have watched the couple grow up from being high school sweethearts to full-fledged adults, so following their journey has been emotional for some. 

The photos of Willa Gray and Ada James loving on their new baby sister might just melt your heart and if you get some type of baby fever, don't blame us. 

Lauren's Instagram post is just as adorable and she calls her daughter her "early Valentine baby."

Though it isn't confirmed that Lennon's middle name (Love) comes from her being a Valentine baby, but it sure is fitting and cute as can be. 

This Twitter user states, "Thomas Rhett & Lauren rlly have the most beautiful babies."

This is just one of the thousands of tweets congratulating the couple on their arrival. The Akins family has taken over social media since last night, and it's the positivity everyone needed.

This other Twitter user says, "I  saw that Thomas Rhett & his wife had their baby, and I just shouted “THEY HAD THE BABY” and my mom immediately knew exactly who I was talking about and goes “OOH WHAT'S HER NAME?”

The name of the baby was so anticipated by fans and people that have been following the pregnancy since it was posted on Instagram.

The couple did not disappoint when they announced the name because people went wild for it and are obsessed.

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