Tom Brady & Gisele Are Already Prepping For A Potential Nashville Move

The Internet is flipping out!
Tom Brady Moving To Nashville May Be A Real Possibility & Fans Are Losing It

Is Tom actually leaving the New England Patriots? The NFL All-Star's recent social media posts have fans in a frenzy, wondering if he's going to retire or switch teams. All the signs point to Tom Brady moving to Nashville with his wife Gisele Bündchen and family. 

One of the most successful football stars in history posted a mysterious picture on Twitter yesterday (January 30) that has fans scratching their heads.

The black and white photo encompasses a solemn aesthetic that shows Tom's dark silhouette in the entrance of a football field (suspected by the Internet to be Gillette Stadium).

Twitter seemed to jump to conclusions about the hidden meaning behind the photo, which has no caption. Since it shows only a silhouette, it's unclear whether he is walking toward or away from the field.

The cryptic photo, which was also posted on Brady's Instagram page, has caused quite a stir on the Internet. However, there are more puzzle pieces that allude to the athlete making moves in both his life and career.

His wife, Gisele Bündchen commented on the IG photo with red hearts and kissy face emojis. Fans are suspecting this could be a simple symbol of love or a sign of support for next steps (AKA possibly moving with his family to Music City).

According to several news sources, including ABC, Gisele was spotted this week visiting a prepatory boy's day school in Nashville. The couple has two children together (Vivian and Benjamin) as well as Brady's son, John, who he shares with ex Bridget Moynahan. 

Rumors spread that Tom was accompanying her, but those  have been de-bunked. Either way, Twitter is on the edge of their seats, illustrating their reactions with humorous commentary.

Ths user replies with a GIF of Michael Scott from The Office saying, "Don't you dare."

Another fan begs, "Tom, just relax...go home and make a protein shake. Talk to Giselle. It was just a bad day...forget about whatever you were thinking about, ok?"

NBC’s Sunday Night Football took to Twitter to ask fans what they believe the QB's next steps are. There are mixed opinions on whether he will retire, stay with the Pats or sign with another team.

Could the Tennessee Titans be Brady's next step in his football career? Is he going to retire at 42 and focus on his family in a new city? Only time will tell.