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Tomi Lahren Moved To Nashville & Might Be A Perfect Southern Belle

Now more than ever, people are looking to their fave celebrities to see how they're handling being quarantined. One political celeb decided to take her self-isolation to the opposite side of the country. Tomi Lahren moved to Nashville this week and she's proudly sharing her newly found Southern pride.

Tomi Lahren is a conservative political commentator for Fox News and Fox Nation and has resided in the state of California for the last few years.

She took to her Instagram to announce that she's making the move to Nashville, Tennessee, but she'll still be continuing her work for Fox as a commentator. 

Over the past few years, Lahren has made her opinions on a variety of controversial topics very public through her social media. Her fan base has grown drastically since joining political forces with Fox Nation. 

She has ruffled a few feathers with her opinions while speaking her mind on her Twitter and Instagram almost daily. 

On Wednesday, April 1, she posted a photo on Instagram captioned, "California, it’s a bittersweet goodbye. I despise your taxes, many of your leaders, your regulations and your felon-friendly laws but I love your beauty, your history and many of the people who still call you home."

She goes on to explain how even though she'll be on the other side of the country in Music City, she'll still be "calling out all the voter fraud, felon and illegal immigrant coddling."

Lahren hasn't announced the exact reason for her move to Nashville, but her followers on Instagram are applauding her for getting out of California

It looks like she's already getting accustomed to her new city through her Instagram stories.

She's already visited the famous "What Lifts You" angel wings mural this week and stated she was taking advantage of the current ghost town that is Middle Tennessee.

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