Nathan Fillion Shared A Totally Heartwarming Canadian Pay It Forward Story

It involves Costco and his mom.
Nathan Fillion Shared a Totally Canadian Pay It Forward Story On Instagram

Stories about good deeds are more valuable than ever. They're especially heartwarming when they involve paying a kind act forward. Even Canadian actor Nathan Fillion has a story to share like that. 

In a May 22 Instagram post, Fillion told a story about how a Costco employee's random act of generosity had reached him.

"The other day in Canada, a woman buying gas at a Costco had trouble with her credit card," the story begins, "The attendant bought her gas out of his own pocket and asked only that she pay it forward."

Fillion writes that the Costco was located in Edmonton and that the employee's name was Les Thompson.

After identifying those details, the actor reveals his connection to the event, writing, "That woman was my mother."

Fillion, who has starred in projects including the cult sci-fi series Firefly, Castle, and most recently The Rookie, said that Thompson's actions restore his faith in humanity.

He then shares the details of how he plans to pay the Costco employee's kindness forward.

"My dad and I are sending three iPads and headphones to a nearby senior care facility so that folks there can visit with their families," the actor writes.

He concludes his post with some clever wordplay, writing "Right now, we could all stand to be a little less afraid, and a little more Les."

Fillion included a photo of himself smiling, and helpfully indicated that all of the other people and elements he mentioned in his post, including Thompson, the iPads, and Costco, were not pictured.

Canadians have been performing good deeds to help each other through these very strange times. 

They even started a trend called "caremongering" in several cities to make sure that people who need assistance with anything can get what they need.

Some people, such as Alberta's wine ninjas, have even found a way to make kindness just a little more silly and fun.