You Can Get Free Ice Cream In Canada Today For National Ice Cream Day

Some companies are giving out frozen freebies to celebrate!
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You Can Get Free Ice Cream In Canada Today For National Ice Cream Day

Nobody is more in need of a delicious, refreshing, frozen treat this week than hot, sweaty Canadians. After the country has seen some uncomfortably high temperatures so far this month, it is time for a bit of good, slightly cooler, news. Thankfully, I have some! Grab your friends, family and your dog — it’s National Ice Cream Day, and you might be able to grab a frozen freebie near you!

After we’ve already had 'National Donut Day' and 'National Mac and Cheese Day' this year, it seems only right that we dedicate a day to the nation’s favourite cold and creamy treat. On the third Sunday of July each year, it is officially ice cream day, and if that wasn’t in your diary before — it should be now!

For anybody lucky enough to live in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, dreams could come true today, as Ben & Jerry’s are giving away scoops of their ice cream- for free! The luxurious (and usually pricey!) ice-cream will be handed out via their SkipTheDishes “Chill Zone” truck between 11 AM to 7 PM.

The locations of the trucks are:

369 Queen Street West (Toronto)2097 Rue de Bleury (Montreal)Lot 531 of 555 West Cordova Street (Vancouver)

If that wasn’t enough, Toronto has even more free ice cream to give away! Over the weekend, Ruru Baked on 703 College Street is giving away free scoops of a special-edition ice cream, created in collaboration with Hoegaarden. The freebies are handed out from 2 p.m. and you can expect the flavours to be a little more exciting than your standard vanilla.

Not to be outdone, Dairy Queen Canada is also getting involved in the fun. Thankfully, this promotion is active country-wide at participating venues, so that gives everyone a chance to celebrate this special day!

For any customer who purchases one small sundae, Dairy Queen is giving out a second sundae — completely free! You can redeem the deal through the Dairy Queen Mobile App and ice cream lovers can choose from strawberry, cherry, summer berry, hot fudge, chocolate, and caramel sundae. Yum!

If there is not an ice cream freebie promotion on near you, head down to your nearest fast food joint or supermarket and pick up a little frozen treat for yourself! Go on — it’s only National Ice Cream Day once a year, right?!

Helena Hanson
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