Ontario's Hidden 'Natural Water Slide' You Gotta Road Trip To This Summer

The ultimate outdoor day adventure!
Ontario's Hidden 'Natural Water Slide' You Gotta Road Trip To This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to spend all day every day outdoors. Here in Canada, we barely get any sunshine during the year so we need to make the most of it during our measly 3 months of summer. The best way to make the most of your summer is to cool off in as many refreshing pools of water as you can find!

The easiest and most obvious choices are your friend's backyard pool or the closest waterpark but we have a different suggestion for you. You absolutely need to check out this secret natural waterslide Ontario has to offer!

When you think of natural waterslides, places like Hawaii and New Zealand come to mind that both have famous spots with crazy videos online. But Ontario is actually home to our own natural waterslide and you can find it hidden inside Algonquin Provincial Park! 

You can find this natural waterslide at the end of High Falls Hiking Trail which is a 1.9 km trail that will lead you to the edge of Barron River which flows into Stratton Lake and High Falls Lake. By taking this trail you'll be lead directly to High Falls where you'll be rewarded by a spectacular view of the rushing waterfall and you'll find the waterslide above the falls.

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The slide isn't very steep but it is still incredibly fun and it's surrounded by amazing scenery. The water will push you along the smooth rock into a pool of refreshing water below! Since it's not steep you can easily go back for more all day long without a trek to the top. 

You'll find the start of the 1.9 km trail at the High Falls parking area. There is a fee for parking at Algonquin Provincial Park. A daily vehicle permit costs $17 and if you decide to camp out for the weekend, a weekend permit costs $20.

Check out this YouTube video below to give you a look at what this natural waterslide is like! 

Natural Water Slide Algonquin Provincial Park

Price: $17 for a daily parking permit 

Address: Ontario 60, Ontario K0J 2M0 (between High Falls Lake and Stratton Lake) 

Why you need to go: To experience Ontario's coolest natural water slide and have a refreshing summer adventure! 


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