Getting outdoors and into the fresh air is always a good idea once the warmer weather comes around. As the snow on the mountains melts, the locals come out to explore. Finding the best places to explore is key, which is why you need to head out to this dreamy nature spot in New Mexico where you will be whisked away to what feels like the Enchanted Woods. Up in the Sierra Blanca Mountains lies the Lincoln National Forest, with this beautiful gem lying even further in the interior.

The White Mountain Wilderness is a massive protected wilderness area that is perfect for all kinds of hikers and wanderers.

The Wilderness boasts about 50 miles of hiking trails that range from easy to difficult. 

The United States Congress began its protection of the White Mountain Wilderness back in 1964, and the zone is now 46,963 acres large!

Within the Wilderness, you can find level meadows and quaint forests, or test your skills and climb up to elevations that reach up to 11,580 feet.

During the winter season, the White Mountain Wilderness can get up to six feet of thick snow blankets, since the elevation is so high.

The west side of the natural area can get extremely rugged, with steep outcroppings and rocky cliffs. Visitors typically stick to the east side where you can find the enchanting forests, gentler canyons, and peaceful streams.

You might want to bring a map when you explore here since the Wilderness is about 12.5 miles long and 4 to 12 miles wide! There are so many incredible gems to be found across the massive area.

In such a big natural area, you can find all kinds of wildlife, from mule deer, elk, and foxes to porcupines, coyotes, and even black bears!

Always be mindful of the environment you are exploring, and take all safety precautions that the Wilderness suggests while you're there.

White Mountain Wilderness

Price: Free

Address: Nogal, NM

Why You Need To Go: There's no better place to get such a deep breath of fresh air while being surrounded by the most awe-inspiring forest.