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Navajo National Monument In Arizona Is Home To Massive Cliff Dwellings

If you love finding ancient treasures on hikes through the desert, these ruins are perfect for a midday adventure worthy of Tomb Raider. Navajo National Monument in Arizona is home to massive cliff dwellings that are amazingly preserved from civilizations past. You can let your imagination transport you to days before when they were thriving communities buzzing throughout the red cliffs.

Located in Arizona between Tuba City and Kayenta, Navajo National Monument is home to three dwellings nestled in orange stone cliffs.

You can explore Betatakin and Keet Seel, both of which are incredibly preserved structures from over 700 years ago.

As you wander past the great dwellings, you will be exploring buildings dating back to 1250 AD.

The park is free to enter, and tours through the ruins are self and ranger-guided. Each one takes between three to six hours to traverse, but you can decide how long you want to spend on the trails.

You have to reserve your spot ahead of time, as tours are limited to 20 people for a more intimate excursion.

They run from Memorial Day up until Labor Day, and you can call the visitor center to book your visit.

You'll catch stunning views of the scenic landscape and impressive dwellings that jut right out of the orange rocks as you wander through the park.

Betatakin is a 135-room structure, while Keet Seel stretches over 17 miles and boasts 160-rooms.

The sheer size of the area is breathtaking, and you will feel like you stumbled on a lost civilization.

As impressive as the red and orange rocks that surround the area are, it is the cliff structures that will captivate your imagination.

The remote desert beauty will whisk you away to a world of the past.

It might turn out that the only thing tethering you to reality while visiting these fantastic ruins is your smartphone capturing all the epic pics for memory's sake.

Navajo National Monument

Price: Free

When: Memorial Day to Labor Day

Address: Located at the end of Arizona Highway 564, Shonto, AZ

Why You Need To Go: These incredibly preserved ruins tell tales of civilizations past while making for a breathtaking adventure.


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