Florida is home to many treasured ecosystems and crystal clear springs; now there is a company that wants to exploit these resources and make a profit out of it. Nestlé is planning to pump 1.1M gallons a day from Ginnie Springs and sell single-use plastic bottles to people. 

Currently, the spring and local ecosystem is still in recovery from earlier years of plundering. This hidden paradise is loved by locals and visited by many tourists, making it one of the most sought bucket list destinations.

According to Sun Sentinel, the Suwannee River Water Management District is scheduled to vote on a request that would allow Nestlé to extract millions of gallons of fresh water daily for 20 years. 

The permit which comes from Seven River Springs just costs $115 and the rest is free. This means for the price of a nice Airbnb, Nestlé gets to take all the water from Ginnie Springs.

Plastic has already become a quandry for the ecosystem and continuing its practice will endanger other species. The Santa Fe River is home to 11 native turtle species and four non-native species, as mentioned on Healthy Food House.

Pillaging the water at Ginnie Springs will only lead to greater risks and will reduce the diversity of these species. 

According to The Guardian, Nestlé is extracting millions of liters on First Nations land in Canada while residents lack a sustainable source of drinking water.

If you want to protect Ginnie Springs and continue to enjoy the waters during summer getaways, you can help by signing a petition.

Protect Ginnie Springs from Nestlé's greed is the campaign seeking to collect over 100k signatures to protect the spring. Less than 5,000 signatures are needed to reach 100k and you can help by signing your petition here.