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Netflix Accidentally Leaked Black Mirror's Release Date And Fans Have Some Insane Theories About The Craziest Episode

Netflix leaked the air date for the "Bandersnatch" episode of the newest season of Black Mirror.
Netflix Accidentally Leaked Black Mirror's Release Date And Fans Have Some Insane Theories About The Craziest Episode

If there is any show on Netflix that has earned the largest cult following, it's easily Black Mirror. The UK based series has captured the hearts of Netflix streamers across the globe with four seasons of episodes that explore the possibilities, good and bad, of the rising digital age. 

With the fifth season confirmed, fans have been waiting in anticipation for the latest season to arrive. Especially considering this season in specific has attracted a lot of attention after it was revealed that the season would feature an episode where viewers could actually control the ending for themselves

While Netflix usually keeps all things Black Mirror related hush-hush, they accidentally let the release date of their first episode out via Twitter when they posted a photo of their incoming "Super, Sci-Fi, and Beyond" releases for December before quickly deleting it.

Though the damage was already done as screenshots circulated the social media site: 

Via Netflix Twitter

While the only release date revealed was the first episode of the season, fans quickly began looking into the title mentioned, being "Bandersnatch." After a Google search, fans learned that "Bandersnatch" was the name of a fictional creature featured in "Through the Looking-Glass," a poem written in 1874 by Lewis Carrolls.

It was also realized that "Bandersnatch" was the name of a video game that had been featured on the cover of one of the fictional magazines that are found in episode "Playtest" which was released during Season 3 of Black Mirror.

WHHAAATTTT, Bandersnatch was referenced all the way back in Season 3 on the front cover of the gaming magazine in Playtest 😮

November 26, 2018

When fans looked into the game further, they found out that the game in the plot of Playtest was actually a real thing that was developed in 1984 by a UK company named Imagine Software before being cancelled. As a result, many fans believe that this episode could be a Playtest prequel, or at the very least has some connection to this previous episode. 

It's definitely not far-fetched to assume that maybe Netflix let this slip on purpose in order to build hype for the impending episode considering how tight-lipped the streaming company usually is.

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With the release happening in late December, it aligns with the earlier rumours that the new season would be released around the start of the new year. Whether we'll get all the episodes at once or get them weekly is still up for debate but either way, we can't wait to see what Black Mirror season 5  has in store. 

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