"Fractured" On Netflix Canada Was Actually Filmed In An Abandoned Manitoba Hospital

The real life locations are actually creepy too!
Netflix Canada Fractured Movie

Fractured has been dominating Netflix's user recommendation and watch lists this October and it's for a good reason. The psychological thriller was released as part of Netflix's "Netflix and Chills" package in honour of Halloween this month. Netflix Canada went full-on spooky this October and it completely worked in their favour. But Canadians should be extra excited for the film because Netflix Canada's Fractured movie was actually filmed in Manitoba. 

If you haven't seen Fractured definitely add it to your list. It follows the Monroe family on their trip home from Thanksgiving dinner. When they pull over at a pitstop their daughter accidentally gets injured and they rush to the nearest hospital, "After his wife and injured daughter disappear from the emergency room, a man becomes convinced the hospital is hiding something." 

The entirety of the movie takes place at the pit stop and the unnerving hospital. We now know that both those places are actually on Canadian soil. Thanks to a Manitoba Reddit thread we were actually able to get a whole bunch of behind the scenes info about the movie. 

A quick google search will tell you that the movie's filming locations were Winnipeg, Selkirk, and Matlock, but did you know the hospital used is actually abandoned?

The hospital was located in Selkirk and isn't in use anymore after a new facility was built nearby. Reddit user RedditButDontGetIt actually admitted to painting the entire hospital grey for the film, "I painted that entire hospital grey over three weeks for that movie!"

They even admitted to building the pit where the Monroe's daughter Perry is hurt, "I also made the bricks, in-pit where the woman falls, out of styrofoam!"

from Winnipeg

The hospital is made to look spooky for the movie but the abandoned building also has an eerieness to it in real life. Calling them confused mourners, there are often reports of "people with flowers walking around this 100% empty hospital looking for their loved ones."

The pit stop was also confirmed as a gas station off of Highway 8 in Gimli and people on Reddit also confirmed that part of the movie was filmed at The University of Manitoba. 

If you're a huge fan of this Netflix Original now you can actually visit the set locations! You might even see some creepy confused mourners.

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