Netflix Canada Users Are Throwing Away Their Phones After Watching The New Horror "Wounds"

Wounds is "Pure unadulterated horror."
Netflix Canada Wounds Is So Scary

There's definitely been no shortage of horror movies on Netflix these last couple of weeks. With Halloween just around the corner, the deadline to get spooked is drawing more near each evening and Netflix has a bunch of movies to offer. One of their most recent ones, Wounds, is getting a lot of hype on social media. Netflix Canada movie Wounds is so scary viewers won't touch their phones

The horror movie was released this past weekend on October 18 along with Netflix Canada's other horror movie Eli. Fans are saying Eli could potentially be the scariest movie they've watched. 

Wounds, however, is about a bartender who finds a phone at his bar. When he brings the phone home that night to figure out its owner, mysterious and horrific things begin to happen to him. The movie stars Armie Hammer and Dakota Johnson. 

Because Wounds' concept is all about horrific videos found on a cellphone, and whatever else stems from the handheld device, viewers are so scared of their own phones. They're even going as far as saying they want to throw them away. 

One viewer reported to Scoops Square Newspaper, "I watched Wounds on Netflix and guess I’m gonna flush my cellphone now. No demons for me thanks.”

Other fans of the movie on Twitter have been non-stop discussing how creepy it was with one person saying that it's "pure unadulterated horror." 

Another thinks the movie should be "championed."

Some even shared their reactions to the end of the movie in gif form, "My face last night, at the end of "Wounds" on Netflix." 

This Netflix user was brave enough to watch Eli and Wounds back-to-back, "Just watched Eli and Wounds back to back on Netflix" (R.I.P. sleep).

If you want to get as spooked as these viewers, Wounds is now streaming on Netflix! 

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